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Friday, April 03, 2020

Fun Comic Style Painting

paint pot for scale
These dude are small. I painted them up real quick to practice how I will teach this for the NOVA Open seminars this September...

Nothing fancy. 2 colors. Some crappy brushes. A dry well palette.
I wanted to use what the students will use so I wasn't all "this is easy to do" while using a wet palette and some $30 Rapheal 8404 brushes.

I used my fingers too. No really, one of them was painted with my fingers for the first two passes with black and white and then refined with a crappy brush a bit after.
Above is how they look after just doing the black using different techniques on each. About 5 min work on each - or less. Below is the finished products. Maybe 10-15 on each.
 This technique is about making them look good from far...
 ....but far from good.
Below are some distance shots so you can see that on the game table or D&D night or boardgame board they will look nice...
Honestly anyone can learn this very quickly. I'll be running a few seminars at NOVA this year on how to do this fun fast and easy style.

Now if you want to see it done by masters of this style check of out Marc Chee and Jessica Bathory on Insta and FB and to see it done live check out Epic Duck who is on Insta and Twitch. They are the folks that inspired me to learn it and try it out on my TMNT minis during Inktober!

Thanks for looking. Let me know what you think (can you guess which one was initially finger painted?) and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)