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Friday, May 01, 2020

WIP: Prepping Projects

Time for another fun table top set for eBay - or Etsy, I may switch to Etsy - eBay seems dead for selling minis. Anyway, this set is old.

Speaking of old, check out these vintage mins!
 Time to review some color theory for some moody colors!
Also some new projects in the works...
 Love this little dwarf for Hassle Free Minis! Classic squat look.  They even thru in candy and a spare dwarf girl! Class act, the folks at Hassle Free :)
Speaking of class acts... Mr. Lee's Minis is Sponsoring my NOVA open Bust painting seminar this September and I need to get prepping these babies!
 Pro tip: tape small pieces down so you don't lose them!

So lots to do. I may just post finished minis tho. Not much point to WIPS on here anymore given how many resources there are for mini painters out there now and how much WIP I post on Instagram and Facebook. It's kind of double the work.

Anyway, thanks for looking, comment below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)